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Is your poor Google Ranking costing your business tens of thousands a year in missed revenue? If you have a website that is poorly optimized for your target keywords, the potential customers that are ready to buy your product can’t get in touch with you. Typical Augusta SEO companies cost THOUSANDS per month, but the results they’re able to offer aren’t justifying that level of investment. At Omega Digital we’ve identified a proprietary, tried and true, Local SEO program that give your business the most bang for it’s buck. By creating optimized pages, content, and backlinks we’re able to grow our partners’ presence with less resources and in less time than our higher price competitors. Sound like something your business could use? Contact Omega Digital today!

Augusta, Aiken, and the CSRA SEO That Works

At Omega Digital we hold the core value of prioritizing our partners’ return on investment over all else. It is our belief that by placing the client’s goals above our own, we will grow together and strengthen our partnership as we grow. Our SEO and Search Engine Optimization strategy is no different.

By creating a full audit of our clients site as well as the competitive landscape, we’re able to develop SEO strategies that will identify, target, and capture target keywords that are the most accessible with the highest traffic. Our SEO packages work as compounding building blocks which our partners can use to first create a strong search engine foundation, and then scale to market domination.

Augusta SEO and Search Engine Optimization

Not A Typical SEO Agency Our Search Engine Ranking Process

We’ve created a full suite of SEO and Search Engine Optimization products that our partners can mix and match to meet their business needs. We create a full keyword and backlink profile for both our partners as well as their competitors to identify potential opportunities that can be capitalized on.

Our modular product design allows a custom fit for every business, but slashes costs saving our partners hundreds per month. We create verifiable and lasting results that grow their market share and increase their sales.

Site SEO Audit

The first step of any SEO project is to establish a baseline of your current infrastructure. By identifying both positives and negatives of the current SEO and Content Marketing strategy our team can better identify potential areas of growth for the future.

Competitor Research

At Omega Digital, we don’t stop at just an internal site audit. We establish a full analytic profile of the leading competitors in your industry, both in the Augusta area and outside of it, to create a strategy that will increase your rankings as quickly as possible.

Keyword Selection

Using our SEO Audit and Competitor Research we can identify the most profitable keywords in your industry, as well as their competition difficulty. By using this data our SEO experts can craft a custom strategy to provide the best ROI for your business.

On-Site Optimization

One of the most crucial components of ranking your website higher on google is ensuring that your website design is constructed with SEO best practices and page speed in mind from the begining.

Content Marketing

Our local SEO experts will help you create, manage, organize, and automate a content generation strategy that will increase your Google rankings and generate more leads.

Back-Link Creation

Creating back links to a site is one of the most powerful tools a business owner can do to increase their business awareness. Our experts will identify and create solid, safe, and effective back-links for your website.

Free Web Design Audit

Ready to learn how to increase your Google Rankings? Find out now with our Free SEO Analysis

Is your current website not ranking on top search engines as high as you'd like? Are you leaving thousands of dollars a month on the table due to poor SEO? Find out today with our free Digital Marketing analysis!

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • SEO Issue Diagnosis
  • Back Link Audit
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • SEO Issue Diagnosis
  • Back Link Audit

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